V8 Muscle and Le Mans Class from Silverstone Classic in Regents Street

The rumble of V8 thunder is returning to next summer’s Silverstone Classic (20th-22nd of July) with confirmation that the roar of sixties muscle cars will once again reverberate around the home of the British Grand Prix. The fearsome Trans-Atlantic Touring Car Trophy grid never fails to deliver both shock and awe as full 50+ car grids bristling with mighty Mustangs, Galaxies and Falcons growl into life.
Adding to the spectacle – and as in period – the brawny Yank Tanks will share the stage with a sprinkling of more agile European homologation specials such as the Lotus Cortina and Mini Cooper thus producing some epic David v Goliath entertainment. While the powerful V8 monsters may boss the straights, it is their audacious adversaries that rule the track’s twistier sections – and everyone loves a plucky giant-killer.
Celebrating the re-introduction of the eye-catching Trans-Atlantic Touring Cars, supplied by Masters, to the Classic’s action-packed 2018 race-card after a brief 24-month absence, the Silverstone Classic’s eye-catching display at Saturday’s Regent Street Motor Show (4th November) will include a rare 4.7-litre 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone racer. The amazing light blue muscle car will share the central London spotlight with a couple of other outstanding luminaries selected from the unrivalled 1,000+ racing entries that will be competing on the full Grand Prix circuit next July at the Silverstone Classic.
A Peugeot 908 Le Mans sportscar will also be on display at the Show this weekend to highlight the arrival of two new races for Masters Endurance Legends. Bringing the motor sport story almost up to date, these will feature grids of super-fast endurance prototypes and GTs from 1995-2011.
The Cyclone and Peugeot will be joined by an equally iconic JPS-liveried Lotus 76 F1 car from the mid-seventies. It represents the FIA Masters Historic Formula One Championship, another of the Classic’s numerous on-track highlights, featuring the sights and sounds of 3-litre F1 cars – all still in their original colours – from what many consider to be F1’s golden age.           
The central London display will also include the much-loved Silverstone Classic VW campervan and an exquisite Jaguar XK140 drop head from the fifties. This roadster will be doing its best to represent the whopping 10,000 privately-owned classics that are showcased at the massive event on car club stands. There will also be a big screen bringing to life the unrivalled track action that all-comers can experience at the Classic.
With the capital city’s flagship shopping destination closed to through traffic during the day, the prestigious stretch of road between Piccadilly and Oxford Circuses is the perfect destination for those keen to find out more about plans for next year’s Classic... while enjoying some early Christmas shopping on Regent Street.
As the 400,000+ visitors attending the free-to-view Regent Street Motor Show will discover, the 2018 Silverstone Classic will once again present three days of unrivalled entertainment with the biggest entry, the most racing and the best paddock access at any such event, not to mention the massive range of off-track activity.

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