Boost Your Bookshelf Bonanza - Discount Codes for Leading Titles!

Many of us will be filling what seem like endless hours catching up with some reading. Three of the UK's premier book publishers have each devised a system to enable books to be acquired at a heavily discounted price..

Evro Publishing are selling a selected range of their titles at 50% discount. Titles available on the list include Pete Lyons comprehensive review of the Lotus 72 and Will Buxton's fascinating and insightful 'My Greatest Defeat', both reviewed on this site. Autobiographies by Brian Redman, David Hobbs and John Surtees are also on the list.

Porter Press have taken a different stance, allotting 25% of the purchase price of their 'Charity Collection' to aid the World Health Organisation's efforts in the battle with Caronavirus. Don't forget that Porter Press also offer a discount to readers of on selected titles. Just use the code HRN10 at the checkout. Books from Porter Press we have reviewed include Rinsey Mills’ brilliant view of the Daytona Cobra CSX2300 and the recently released story of Jaguar D Type XKD526.

Veloce Publishing  have a 35% discount across the board as part of their 'stay-at-home-and-read' initiative. The newly released Formula One-The Knowledge, will keep every diehard statistician busy for hours on end, whilst the lighter read, John Starkey's take on Le Mans '66 is also available.

We hope you enjoy some of these books, now is a great time to catch up on some serious amounts of reading!

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