Podcast: Marcus Pye and the Team Talk Castle Combe, Silverstone - and Flexing the Rules!

We took the opportunity this week to sit down once more with Marcus Pye and not only catch up with what he has been up to lately but to take in our popular 'Racing Around the Rules' video from YouTube (have a look right HERE if you haven't already taken in the panel of motorsport personalities discussing how they tried, or even tried to prevent, some creative rule bending in their careers) and add a few stories of our own.

Marcus also talks about the recent Castle Combe Autumn Classic and the HSCC's two-day finals meeting at Silverstone in our usual wide-ranging chat!

Download from your favourite podcast platform - or listen straight from SoundCloud here: Marcus Pye Podcast 2

We hope you enjoy what you hear, and if you do then please then pass on the aural pleasure and let your fellow historic motorsport enthisiasts know all about it!

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