June Podcast - Liveries, Amelia Island, Donington and Much More!

In the June edition of the Historic Racing News Radio Show podcast we present a whole new level of opinionated waffle we call 'Corridors of Power'.. where the team each pick their favourite F1 livery of all time and Paul Tarsey has the difficult job of picking an overall winner!

The nominees were;

Jim Roller: Saudia Williams, Ferrari 1975/76, Gold Leaf Team Lotus.

Paul Jurd: Lotus 'Yellow Stripe', Jordan 191, Marlboro McLaren.

Joe Bradley: Martini Brabham, Elf Tyrrell, JPS Lotus.

Jim Roller reviews the Amelia Island Concours and talks to event founder Bill Warner, and to Lyn St James and Kevin Jeanette.

Joe Bradley looks back at the Donington Historic Festival with Motor Racing Legends boss Duncan Wiltshire and we find out from Paul Jurd about about the trials and tribulations of getting racecars to Monaco with the new post-Brexit regulations.

Catch it here: http://www.radiolemans.co/category/historic-racing/ on iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts!

It's the best thing you'll do for your ears this month!

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