Podcast: Jaguar Racing Special - Part 2

The second part of the ‘Jaguars in Competition’ podcast special looks at some of the more successful times for Jaguar in motorsport incluing the glory days at Le Mans in the 1980s..  

Their success in the early days of GTP and later at Le Mans, was spearheaded by Bob Tullius and his Group 44 team, who created the sublime XJR5. Jim Roller talks to the first man to drive it in anger, Bill Adam. 

Joe Bradley finds out from Rob Beere just how you build a 7 litre V12 E Type racer, and Paul Jurd looks at the very strange XJR15 mini series, when drivers left the start line not knowing how long the race would be as they battled for a huge cash prize. 

Plus, as usual, lots of nuggets and comments along the way!

You can listen here: Jaguar Special Part Two! on iTunes or on most podcast platforms!


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