Podcast: August Shere Update, new RS500s, on Fire at Le Mans and What Car Would You have?

The idea is this: You can have any racing car you like, you can drive it on the road or track or simply look at it, BUT you can never sell it, and if you get bored with it you have to give it back. That’s the conundrum facing our ‘Corridors of Power’ panellists Joe Bradley, Peter Snowdon and Paul Jurd (who really shoudl have won but...). 

Also on this edition, Martin Warner, boss of the Shere Hill Climb, Alan Strachan, who is currently building three new versions of the Andy Rouse Sierra Cosworth he built with Andy back in the day, and Nick Padmore tells us what it’s like when your car catches fire at the Le Mans Classic at 170mph!

You can listen here: August Podcast, or seach on iTunes or most podcast platforms!

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