Goodwood Revival Qualifying

The sun has shone down on a day of qualifying at the 2019 Goodwood Revival, with one race to come this evening as the Kinrara Trophy field race for an hour into the gathering dusk.   The grids are shaping up nicely for the weekend’s races with the odd surprise, such as Nic Minassian putting the Austin A40 he will be sharing with Mike Jordan third on the grid behind Emanuele Pirro’s Alfa Romeo and the huge Studebaker of former F1 and sportscar racer Karl Wendlinger. 

Friday Qualifying:

Kinrara Trophy: closed-cockpit GT cars, of three litres and over, of a type that raced before 1963
1 Pearson/Smith (Ferrari 250 GTO) 1m27.903s (97.47mph)
2 Milner/Greensall (Jaguar E-Type) 1m29.657s
3 Turner/Hadfield (Aston Martin DB4GT) 1m30.071s
4 Bentley/Meins (Jaguar E-Type) 1m30.917s

Fordwater Trophy: road-going sports and GT cars of a type that raced between 1960 and 1966
1 Josh Files (Triumph TR4) 1m34.230s (90.92mph)
2 Michael Gans (Abarth Simca 2000 Corsa) 1m34.373s
3 Robert Barrie (Lotus Elan S1) 1m34.392s
4 Nick Swift (Mini Marcos) 1m34.755s

Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy: two races for motorcycles of a type that raced between 1960 and 1966
1 Parrish/Cooper (Norton Manx 30M) 1m28.855s (96.42mph)
2 Brogan/Bain (Norton Manx 30M) 1m29.024s
3 Lee/Johnstone (MV Agusta 500/3 1m29.047s
4 Bardell/Haydon (Matcheless G50) 1m29.532s

St Mary's Trophy presented by Motul: two races for saloon cars of a type that raced between 1950 and 1959Tiff Needell, Vauxhall Cresta, St Marys Trophy
Session 1:
1 Karl Wendlinger (Studebaker Silver Hawk) 1m34.680s (90.94mph)
2 Emanuele Pirro (Alfa Romeo Guilietta) 1m35.697s
3 Nicolas Minassian (Austin A40) 1m35.873s
4 Romain Dumas (Ford Thunderbird) 1m35.961s

Session 2:
1 Patrick Watts (Studebaker Silver Hawk) 1m35.152s (90.06mph)
2 Richard Meaden (Alfa Romeo Guilietta) 1m36.379s
3 Mike Jordan (Austin A40) 1m36.566s
4 Bill Shepherd (Ford Thunderbird)

Goodwood Trophy: - Grand Prix and Voiturette cars of a type that raced between 1930 and 1951
1 Gareth Burnett (Alta 2-Litre Single Seater) 1m30.084s (95.11mph)
2 Mark Gillies (ERA A-Type R3A) 1m31.275s
3 Nicholas Topliss (ERA A-Type R4A) 1m32.307s
4 David Morris (ERA B-TYpe R11B) 1m1m33.565s

Glover Trophy: - 1.5-litre Grand Prix cars of a type that raced between 1961 and 1965
1 Andy Middlehurst (Lotus-Climax 25) 1m24.348s (101.57mph)
2 Joe Colasacco (Ferrari 1512) 1m24.875s
3 Timothy da Silva (Lotus-BRM 24) 1m25.023s
4 Chris Drake (Cooper-Ford T71/73 1m25.156s

Sussex Trophy: World Championship and production sports cars of a type that raced between 1955 and 1960
1 Roger Wills (Lotus-Climax 15) 1m25.281s (100.46mph)
2 Sam Hancock (Frrari 246S Dino) 1m26.375s
3 Jon Minshaw (Lister-Jaguar Knobbly) 1m26.804s
4 David Hart (Lister-Jaguar Costin) 1m27.343s

Earl of March Trophy: 500cc Formula 3 cars
1 Peter de la Roche (Cooper-JAP Mk5) 1m42.428s (83.64mph)
2 George Shackleton (Cooper-Norton Mk11) 1m4.463s
3 Stuart Wright (Cooper-JAP MK11) 1m47.809s
4 Chris Wilson (Cooper-Norton Mk8) 1m48.369s

Richmond & Gordon Trophies: front-engined Grand Prix cars of a type that raced between 1952 and 1960
1 Sam Wilson (Lotus-Climax 18) 1m23.667s (102.40mph)
2 Gary Pearson (Cooper-Climax T53 ‘Lowline’) 1m24.932s
3 Nicholas Padmore (Lotus-Climax 16) 1m26.150s
4 James Davidson (Lotus-CLimax 18) 1m26.173sBattling Bentleys

Brooklands Trophy: pre-war Bentley sports cars
1 Gareth Coleman (Bentley Speed Model) 1m55.417s (74.23mph)
2 Ben Collings (Bentley Speed Model) 1m55.908s
3 Oliver Llewellyn (Bentley 4 1/2 Litre) 1m56.427s
4 Martin Overington (Bentley 4 1/2 Litre Blower) 1m59.457s

Royal Automobile Club TT Celebration: closed-cockpit GT cars in the spirit of the RAC TT races, 1960-1964
1 Hart/Minassian (Tojeiro-Ford) 1m24.481s (101.41mph)
2 Dumas/Shephard (AC Cobra) 1m25.149s
3 Treluyer/Wakeman (Lister-Jaguar Coupe) 1m25.657s
4 Lotterer/Wilson (AC Cobra) 1m26.064s

Whitsun Trophy presented by Sky Cinema: unlimited sports prototypes of a type that raced up to 1966
1 Karun Chandhok (McLaren-Chevrolet M1A) 1m19.938s (107.12mph)
2 Mike Whittaker (Lola-Chevrolet T70 Spyder) 1m20.162s
3 Cameron Jackson (Crossle-Oldsmobile 5S) 1m21.668s
4 John Spiers (McLaren-Chevrolet M1B) 1m21.979s

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