Podcast: Back to the Best Racing?

The team have access to our faithful time machine to go back and enjoy in person a race from history - but which one do they choose? Paul Tarsey is our own Doc Brown as he holds court and decides on a winner.

Jim Roller takes a look at the world of auctions and talks to Paul Tarsey about the box of parts which comprised what’s left of the the ex-Penske, ex-McLaren Zerex Special which Bonhams sold recently for £911,000. Joe Bradley talks to his namesake (but no relation) Richard Bradley who races everything from pre-war Aston Martins to modern day prototypes and he explains why racing a historic car is so much more satisfying. Paul Jurd looks at the calendar for November and Joe Bradley joins us live from Daytona as he gets ready for his time in the commentary box for the HSR Classic 24 Hours.

You can listen here: Back to the Best Racing!or seach on iTunes or most podcast platforms!

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