October Podcast: The Original Silver Arrows, Great Rivalries and Way More!

This month the team looks at those heady days before WW2 when the Silver Arrows arrived in England for the Grand Prix only months before war was declared. 

Paul Jurd found an old copy of Chris Nixon’s book ‘Racing the Silver Arrows' in his local secondhand book shop and it got him thinking about some of the ‘what might have beens..’

There is always that debate when it comes to whether racing cars belong on a Concours lawn or whether they should really only be seen on a racetrack. The HRN team is no different from any other group of enthusiasts when it comes to this discussion! Lots of different viewpoints.

In ‘Corridors of Power’ this month the hot debate is about ‘The Greatest Single Seater Rivalries’. Ayrton Senna appears more than once but so do some very unexpected names. Paul Jurd, Jim Roller and Joe Bradley state their cases and Paul Tarsey tries to keep order.

You can listen here: October Podcast: The original Silver Arrows and way more!on iTunes or on most podcast platforms!


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